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Accident reconstruction and vehicle accident simulation to determine collision sequence Accident Reconstruction Defined
The Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction defined accident reconstruction as "a systematic process of evaluating the evidence associated with a particular collision sequence and applying accepted physical principles in order to ascertain how the collision occurred."

The Society of Automotive Engineers Paper No. 870425 stated “automobile accident reconstruction has been defined as the best or most probable explanation of how an automobile accident occurred, based upon physical evidence.”

Forensic Engineering – Accident Reconstruction
The legal community calls upon on engineers and qualified accident reconstructionists to provide analysis, consultation, and expert testimony regarding what happened in a subject accident and why. Accident Reconstruction is a multi-disciplinary field that involves the collection and interpretation of physical evidence, the application of physics and engineering principles to quantifying motion and collision dynamics, and modeling both actual and alternative scenarios to study the effects of critical driver, vehicle, and environmental variables. Analytical methods and procedures typically involve review of police documented evidence, extraction of evidence from photographs via photogrammetry, inspection of the subject vehicles and accident site, interpretation of airbag computer modules (EDR - Electronic Data Recorders), 3D survey of accident sites, review of scientific literature and interpretation and application of experimental data, engineering calculations, and mathematical modeling and simulation.

VSI Accident Reconstruction Areas of Specialty
VSI analyzes automobile, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents in various types of collision scenarios. These collision scenarios include high-speed rollovers, collinear collisions (low-speed and high-speed frontal, rear-end, lateral, and sideswipe collisions), and intersection collisions. The reconstructions answer forensic questions such as how and why the accident occurred and relevant case issues such as speed, impact severity, perception/reaction, and time/speed/distance to evaluate relative positions at various key times during the accident sequence.

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