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Jeff Wheeler began working as a forensic biomechanics consultant in 1988. Since then, Jeff and his staff have provided injury biomechanics and accident reconstruction analyses of automobile, sport/recreation, and industrial/occupational accidents.

The VSI team has decades of experience in biomechanical and engineering forensic analysis, testing, modeling, original scientific research, and trial testimony. The VSI team includes internationally recognized experts who have published award nominated scientific research and are routinely invited to lecture at scientific seminars and professional conferences.

VSI experts have testified in several hundred personal injury, product liability, and criminal cases and have worked on cases from Maine to Hawaii, and from Florida to Alaska.

As a result of VSI's combined academic, research, and courtroom experiences, VSI has developed a reputation as highly qualified and reliable experts. Clients respect VSIís objective analyses and dependable conclusions that withstand the challenges and rigors of both academic peer-review and courtroom cross-examination.

VSI's scientific expertise coupled with attention to customer service has built a nationwide customer base of law firms, major product manufacturers, trucking firms, insurance companies, and state/federal agencies.

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