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Current Projects

Current research projects at VSI include:

Seat Belt Use and Effectiveness in Rollover Collisions VSI is using new methods and data to help quantify the effect of seat belts in rollover collisions. It is well established that seat belts help prevent ejection during a rollover. However, in many states, a seat belt defense requires a demonstration of which injuries would be prevented with a seat belt. VSI is evaluating specific injuries and specific rollover variables to determine how injury risks vary between belted and unbelted occupants.

Traumatic Asphyxia in Motor Vehicle Crashes Death due to traumatic asphyxia in motor vehicle crashes has only recently received more attention from the medical, forensic, and automotive-safety communities. Within existing literature the clinical and autopsy findings associated with asphyxia are often delineated with only sparse and vague descriptions of crash-related variables such as type of collision, collision severity, occupant compartment intrusion, seat belt use, and ejection status. These data are necessary to fully understand the injury mechanism and the risk of this particular injury. VSI is currently using in-house data and various injury databases to analyze cases of traumatic asphyxia resulting from motor vehicle crashes.

Validation of Analytical Methods of Low Speed Impact Analyses Several studies have presented analytical methods to determine collision severity and impact speeds during low speed impacts. VSI is applying four selected analytical methods to documented vehicle-to-vehicle low speed rear-end tests to demonstrate their utility and compare and contrast their accuracy and validity.

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