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Quinn Campbell, Ph.D.

Biomechanical Engineer

J. Quinn Campbell joined VSI in 2009 and works as a Senior Biomechanical Engineer. Dr. Campbell specializes in injury biomechanics and has testified in cases involving automotive collision injuries, seat belt use and effectiveness, industrial/occupational injuries, worker's compensation claims, and sport/recreational accidents. Dr. Campbell has testified in multiple states and has qualified as a biomechanics expert in both State and Federal Courts. Dr. Campbell frequently analyzes cases to determine injury mechanisms, distinguish acute traumatic injuries from chronic injuries, and establish injury timing in multi-collision accidents.

Dr. Campbell began his injury biomechanics career as an on-site contractor with NHTSA's Biomechanics Group in Washington, DC. At NHTSA he researched improvements to frontal, rear, and side impact automotive safety standards. He analyzed data from cadaver and dummy crash tests, studied real world crash databases including NASS, CIREN, and FARS, and ran computer injury simulations.

After leaving Washington, Quinn spent 5 years working as an off-site contractor for NHTSA developing computer models to simulate brain and thorax injuries. During this time he also worked on biomechanics contracts for the US Army and Air Force. He validated a computer model of the THOR dummy to research the safety of Humvee seat design. He also developed a proposal for a new set of vehicle tests to predict injury in military and civilian rollover accidents.

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