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Accident Reconstruction

VSI's accident reconstruction services primarily involve motor vehicle accident reconstruction of car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, and pedestrian collisions.

Case physical evidence is documented with direct measurement, photography, and 3D survey of accident scenes and vehicles. Analytical techniques such as photogrammetry, analytical methods such as damage energy analyses, and engineering principles such as momentum analyses are applied to conduct detailed reconstructions. Reconstructions are typically built with 3D vehicle models in combination with 3D scene data and analyzed using vehicle simulation software. Simulations are rendered for visualization.

Accident types analyzed include high speed rollovers, collinear collisions (low-speed and high-speed frontal, rear-end, lateral, and sideswipe collisions), and intersection collisions. The reconstructions answer forensic questions such as how and why the accident occurred and address relevant case issues such as speed, impact severity, perception/reaction, and time/speed/distance to evaluate relative positions at various key times during the accident sequence.

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