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The experts at VSI have been providing injury biomechanics consulting services since 1988. Over the past twenty-five years our biomechanical experts have analyzed thousands of cases involving injuries in automobile, sport/recreation, and industrial/occupational accidents. Consequently, we have extensive field experience investigating, documenting, and interpreting physical evidence as well as identifying forensic questions. We utilize our experience and knowledge in vehicle and occupant dynamics, restraint systems, and injury biomechanics; and apply appropriate scientific methodology such as physical testing, computational biomechanics including mathematical modeling and simulation, and field data statistical analysis to answer case specific questions.

Our staff's qualifications include specialized biomechanics education, training, background and experience and we are respected for our ongoing research activities and contributions to the scientific community. Our qualifications combined with our case experience have earned VSI a reputation as industry leaders in forensic biomechanics. Our attention to detail and customer service has also earned us a reputation for providing the highest quality injury biomechanics consulting and expert witness services.

Automobile Occupant Dynamics
          • Injury Biomechanics
          • Restraint System Evaluation
          • Seat Belt Use and Effectiveness

          Injury Biomechanics
          Accident Reconstruction

          • Injury Biomechanics
          • Accident Reconstruction

          • Injury Biomechanics
          • Accident Reconstruction

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